LAMY 2000 is the pen that in 1966 kicked off LAMY’s unique design profile that allowed them to be a market leader in fountain pen design. LAMY 2000 is still produced in Heidelberg in Germany – a clear sign that this is a precision instrument with exceptional quality. The design by Gerd A. Müller is still heralded as a success – more than 50 years after the design was introduced.

Exclusive and only for this 2019 Bauhaus anniversary year: Lamy is celebrating a unique combination of accomplished design, functionality and quality with this one-of-a-kind special edition. The elegant deep blue of the LAMY 2000 blue fountain pen’s brushed polycarbonate body is in perfect harmony with the objectively cool optics of the stainless steel grip. This anniversary edition is limited to a total of 1,919 individually numbered fountain pens.

Individually numbered sets with unique notebook and packaging.

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